the VocaJazz Vol. 1 the first album that I’ll be doing. Some of the lyrics aren’t even up on the hmiku wiki yet, so bear with me.

Track #10. is a rearrangement, if you will, of the original song by Kagamine Rin, so there are no vocals. The last track is sort of instrumental, too, so I don’t know if there’ll be any lyrics coming out for that…

Most of the pieces (in my opinion anyway) are good listening.


#01. Blue Bird/ Chiquewa

#02. MellowMellow/Minami no-P

#03. 1925/Tomii

#04. Aoi Shukuju no BARAADO/Nakyamurya

#05. Yoake/Kihee

#06. Feiku Faa Redi/Natsuzora-P

#07. Gentou Ao Yoru/Minami no-P

#08. Matorikkusu Shindoroomu (Matrix Syndrome)/Nakyamurya

#09. Rainbow Connection/Orejinaru-P

#10. Roreerai (Loreley) no Koromo/Natsuzora-P

#11. Gekkou SUTEEJI/Cocoa Cigarette-P (Played by the Baguettes)

#12. Hoshi Meguri no WARUTSU

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